Kemie likes ux design

Kemie likes UX Design

I’m a UX designer with more than a decade of hands-on experience in the field. I craft digital experiences that are both user-friendly and visually engaging.

My skills let me harmoniously combine form and function, creating an effortless user experience.

What makes me good at it?


Strategic perspective

I can look at business, user and brand goals and create designs that effectively meet them.


Multidisciplinary vision

My experience in many areas of design means I can bring a cohesive vision across media.



I value feedback and collaboration, creating strong relationships with colleagues both within and across teams.

Case Studies

Rethinking the way consumers match wine & food.
Transforming the contract management lannscape with innovative features and strong branding

Other UX work

Branding and visual design for a game translation company from the ground up

My trajectory