Kemie likes branding

Kemie likes Branding Design

I’ve been working with branding design for more than two decades. 

I love figuring out an organization’s identity and transforming that into a visual system that can be applied on logotypes, marketing material, user interfaces and more. 


What makes me good at it?


Strategic perspective

I can look at business, communication and branding goals and create designs that effectively meet them.
I also see the value in iterative design and validating ideas to make sure we’re always on the right track.


Multidisciplinary & multicultural vision

My experience in many areas of design means I can bring a cohesive vision across media.
My background and experiences help me bring multiple perspectives to empathize with a diverse audience.



I value feedback and collaboration, fostering strong relationships with colleagues both within and across teams.
Having worked remotely for many years, I also know the ins and out of making work cooperative .