Wineally Backoffice system

Uncorking Efficiency: Wineally's Backoffice Suite

Wineally, a dynamic startup simplifying wine inventory management and food pairing, faced a challenge.

Their backoffice suite, used for administering their expansive database, was complex, outdated, and hard to use. To enhance efficiency for Wineally employees, a comprehensive UX redesign was needed to uncork the potential of their admin interface.


Year: 2023
Duration: 3 months
Client: Wineally AB, Sweden (through EC solutions)


  • UX Research
  • Wireframing
  • Testing
  • Visual design

1. UX Audit

I dove deep into the existing backoffice suite, conducting a thorough analysis to identify pain points, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. I evaluated the app from usability, accessibility, and branding perspectives.

Understanding the internal workflow and user interactions was key in shaping the direction of the redesign efforts.

2. User interviews and personas

Talking directly with Wineally employees allowed me to gain insights into their specific needs, challenges, and preferences.  

Through them, I could understand what each different type of user needed, and this allowed me to design with a user-centric approach tailored to their distinct roles and requirements.

3. Wireframing

With the insights from my analysis and user personas, I made user flows, which were the basis for the wireframing phase.

Creating low-fidelity prototypes, I mapped out the new interface, prioritizing ease of use and intuitive search and navigation.

Managing wines was a challenge, as the amount of information needed to be mapped to each producer, wine, and vintage was not easy to visualize, but I iterated in collaboration with the development and wine data teams to find the right solution. 

4. Visual design

Visual design & Prototyping

With the foundation set by the wireframes, I created the visual design, prioritizing easy to understand elements and a cohesive visual language. Every element was meticulously crafted to align with Wineally’s brand identity while promoting usability and visual appeal.


The new backoffice is task-focused. The structure and flow help admins more efficiently find and edit the information they need to.  The visual style feels modern and familiar to users.

4. Results


The redesigned backoffice suite aimed to achieve the following specific outcomes:

  • Prioritized search & sort: A streamlined interface that makes it easy for the team to find what they need, when they need it. 

  • The right information in the right place: Simplifying administrative tasks so the Wineally team can get things done faster.

  • Optimized editing flows: Enhancing overall operational capabilities and productivity by offering a more user-friendly and efficient administrative tool.

  • Modern Aesthetics: Bringing a fresh, modern look to the interface, aligning it with Wineally’s brand and making it a pleasure to interact with.
Project impact

The redesign put the focus back in the user, instead of just being a map of the internal database structure.

The streamlined interface reduced the time and effort required for database management, enabling employees to focus on value-adding tasks

By placing the needs of Wineally employees at the forefront, we uncorked a new level of efficiency and usability, aligning the interface with their daily workflow and allowing them to navigate the complexities of wine inventory management with ease.

kemie guaida - digital design